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pink zebra ♥


I bough my new nail polish in dollar store its cheap but i like it super!  i’m looking for designs in YouTube and i found out that this zebra tip is cute with my new pink polish 🙂

I thought that making this zebra tip is easy but i’m wrong, really wrong!!! 😥  haha the black stripes looks idiot that IT DIDN’T LOOK LIKE ZEBRA, every time i saw it i just want to laugh. :] hahaha epic

 what do you think? hahaha i want to cut the tips and let the pink remains. Image

Poor thumb no polish, before i got my nails done im cooking my dinner and i accidentally touch the pot and its sooo hot! that my thumb burns 😥  that day is unlucky.


aha! take a look at my henna ♥.♥ haha i want a tattoo but my parents are not agreed about that sorry for me. so here im stuck with henna and im addicted to it also i want feathers too. Speaking of feathers, how about a nail art for it? i guess that it would be really hard!  but i want it now! like a boss :]