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Just a little Random~ Farm ♥


Visiting your hometown after many years is such a very good idea.

Fresh air everywhere, the chirping of the birds, trees, animals, everything!

reminiscing your childhood is the most missing part

Our farm consist of different crops and animals. But today’s season is summer and its hard for the crops to grow healthy, their out of water. Just waiting for the rainy season. For the animals we have roosters and swine.

Meet the roosters ~


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just a little random~ summer fun ♥


aloha! its so hot here in Philippines. Im sweating even i’m sitting and doing nothing.

Let’s just enjoy the sun and have fun. Shake your booty, and turn around 😀


The smell of the ocean is relaxing. The sand that feels my feet. The beauty of nature

Its all by God.


A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.
Gloria Stuart