Monthly Archives: August 2012

le BRACES -.-


too bad, too sad i haven’t post anything in July it’s because i’m busy in my school. Last week was our midterm exam and instead of polishing my nails i studied my whole lessons ughh.

so this is just a random post coz i don’t have nails to show haha 🙂

le BRACES eww have this thing touches your teeth in your high school/college life? suffering just to fix your ugly teeth? haha well… i have it -.-

Imageat first it hurts a lot, i cant eat normally but you will get used to it. After weeks it feels nothing can eat what you want. after eating some food stuff left in my braces and its hard to remove, chewing gum is the easiest way to remove them all. But having floss, toothbrush and toothpick is the best for fresh breath 😀

oww shit this is big problem on having braces. hahaha XD don’t ever do this.


why do miley didn’t want to have braces? hmm she needs it more than me.