DIY converse Nail art ♥


yay! converse my favorite ♥ wearing this nail art w/ my converse shoes makes me happy 😀

i’ll show you how to do this cute converse mani 🙂 LOL its DIY time! XD

converse nail art desigh

1. apply your favorite base coat 🙂

2. choose your top 10 favorite color and  apply it in your nails :p

nail polish

3. make a french tip >:)

french tip

4. put 3 black dots, or it depend how long your nails are XD

5. using a white polish, make a shoelace its basically two crosses. 😉

6. use a black striper for the tip. 😐

7. apply your favorite topcoat.



and… TADAAA! your funny messy nail art is done XD hoho

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