random III~ Nature ♥♥


Aloha! this is the last part for my vacation blog. For me this is the best ♥ i love the fresh air, and all i can see is green! I want to explore every single thing.

this photo is taken by a 9 years old boy. Pretty huh? lol for me, the background is perfect. This place change a lot.


i love this also, at my back its full of different crops, my dad planted it i miss him. When we were young we manage this calamansi plantation, we ripped off the big grass. Now its nothing. so sad 😥  there are so many changes since my dad and granma died. This farm is haunted.



beautiful! i hope i can do that also XD at my back sugarcane plantation. Our place was surrounded by that, that’s why its scary when evening comes. lol XD


That hut is the entrance to the whole place.

Lastly i want to introduce my nieces, they’re siblings  the one who give me tour in our old farm lol XD    and thanks to them for the beautiful shot 😀

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