Monthly Archives: April 2012

just a little random~ summer fun ♥


aloha! its so hot here in Philippines. Im sweating even i’m sitting and doing nothing.

Let’s just enjoy the sun and have fun. Shake your booty, and turn around 😀


The smell of the ocean is relaxing. The sand that feels my feet. The beauty of nature

Its all by God.


A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.
Gloria Stuart

hello Kitty french tip ♥


its been so long since i haven’t post anything here coz we have our vacation in different places and i have no time to do my nails and blog here. 

i just made a simple design that fits for summer :)) hello kitty and the flowers and yet its not perfect again. I don’t know how it calls that thing, i just saw it and bought it.Image

while posting here im watching Rihanna’s video 

– Road To ‘Talk That Talk’ (Part 1) 

i love her so much ♥ ..does anyone here likes Rihanna too? :DD i watch her first movie battleship and its awesome :)) 

oh well! have a nice summer for y’all!  keep polishing :’>