How about cookie monster?


I had to share another design with you that I just love, cookie monster design is everywhere so I decided to paint it to my ring finger for me to make it easy. I used pastel blue for cookie monster and the rest is neon blue its kinda simple and plain.

cookie monster

this is it! I’m wearing both cookie monster and I super love it, even it’s not exactly look a like . I added the tips w/ pastel blue for it to match but its messy. 


sorry for the picture quality, I only use webcam to take picture of this. I’m a beginner and i need to practice a lot 😀

please comment to help me, thank you in advance :D

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  1. I love accent nail designs because they aren’t too over-the-top and (which is big for me-) they’re easier! Haha. You only need ONE GOOD NAIL! 🙂 Your double cookie monster look is very cute. I’ve got a friend we call the cookie monster and I think he’d appreciate this mani. 😉

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